Peter is ELEVEN

I’m so honored to be Peter’s mother.  He is a thoughtful, bright, compassionate, beautiful person.  I love the person he is, and is becoming.

Today he is eleven years old.  He had a rough first few years, and it took us a while to find our way together. But, as I learn to parent him, with all his needs and requirements and gifts, too, I learn to be a better person.

Last night he was so excited for his birthday party, he could barely fall asleep.  He came downstairs and asked me to remind him how to move into Tortoise Pose, so he could relax.  I love that he is open to learning every moment of each day.

He’s really coming into his own.  I am enjoying discovering who Peter is, as he discovers who he wants to be.  peterkaren




Peter after his first day Dirt Biking



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4 responses to “Peter is ELEVEN

  1. It’s so cute that a child so big now is still excited with his birthday party!!! Happy Birthday to him and I wish he’ll enjoy his party so much!

  2. awww….happy birthday to him!

  3. Happy Birthday, Peter!! May you have many more 🙂

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