Market Saturday

We had a great time heading downtown to Eastern Market in Detroit.  We went looking for some locally grown kale, but unfortunately they were all sold out.  We went also to see Gregg and Angela, and pick up some dressing.  Ella loved it so much that she actually wanted to drink it from the bottle!

One day in, and already 1/4 gone!

The coolest thing about these dressings is that if you sign up for the newsletter, Evolve Detroit! you can get the recipe to make them yourself!!  Open Source food.  LOVE it.

(Yes, I already know how to make some of them, but I like to buy them, too, knowing Angela crafts them with such love!)

Plus, I don’t have cool labels and cute bottles at my house.

(Look ho much is gone already!!!)

When we went for “Vegan” pizza beforehand and the new pizzeria, Ella was less than enthused, though she generally loves pizza…The shop was cute enough, but after we ordered our meal, I heard someone in the kitchen say “Wait, she ordered it with no cheese,” and expected someone to come to our table to let us know they had made a mistake and would be a few extra minutes, but instead, a pizza came out so I assumed they were talking about someone else’s dish.  Ella didn’t like it, and after eating two pieces, I noticed little bits of cheese on the slice.  They must have actually scraped it off (mostly).  This is really irritating to me.  I would have had NO PROBLEM waiting for another pizza, or coming back after crossing the street to do some shopping, but the fact that they didn’t communicate and then tried to pass off a pizza with hidden cheese as “vegan”  whatever.  I won’t be going back.

Ooooh Sour

After we picked up a dressing and some cherry tomatoes, we headed back to the car, but stopped at the new Ethiopian Restaurant next door to the pizzeria and WOW was it delicious.  Ella was still hungry, having not liked any of the pizza, and only having drank some orange-sparkle-water at the other place.  We ordered the Ethio Plate and Ella ate ALL the spicy lentils and mouth-watering injera (bread) as little bite-sized sandwiches that I made her.  She usually loves greens, but left those for me.  We will definitely return there, especially since they offer scrambled tofu for breakfast on Saturdays (yippee!)

Also started working on this:

Latest Project

More later, when it’s done.

All in all a wonderful Saturday.



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3 responses to “Market Saturday

  1. It must sometimes be a little difficult being a vegan. However, it does sound like that Ethiopian place knows how to make a nice meal! The peek at your new project looks amazing, and I do love your tags! 🙂

  2. First of all, your new project looks wonderful. Secondly, I love that picture of Ella. How cute is she!

  3. Karen,

    Thank you so much for your friendship and support! Sorry about the pizza joint. We’re in there a great deal and will give them a good what for and site your blog. That’s the kind of stuff that gets Angela and I going! We’re actually going to use Evolve Detroit to call out places on poor food prep and service. Vegan Power! 🙂

    Love to you and yours!

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