Peter the 6th grader is ready for middle school

or so he thinks….he does love his new shirt, though:

I straightened the yokeSide View"hem"

I’ll need to find a photo of him wearing it. I’m so happy he’s home.  We all missed him last week while he was away with his dad.

Ella was a disaster in the stroller (and being held, and running around) for hours during naptime while we got Peter registered and situated. He managed to lose his schedule and planner while he walked away with his dad to sign up for choir and Lego Robotics for 15 minutes. How does that happen??? We already made our first trip to the office to get an additional schedule.

It’s hard for me to witness Middle School all over again. it was such a painful time for me. Constantly self-conscious, struggling a lot to figure out who I was, and generally lonely, even though I had good friends (one of whom I till see regularly!) Peter seems positive, though, excited even….and he has good friends too. And also it seems the “don’t care what anyone thinks” upbringing of him appears to have sunken in. He rarely does worry about “what other kids will think.” I hope that continues.

Ella was wearing her new dress, so at least she looked like a sweetie, even if she acted like a monster. (well, like a nearly two year old whose mommy was too stupid to realize attending the orientation would be too hard on her tired little one! It’s not her fault. I’m the monster for stealing her nap.)

J is leaving for Australia very early in the morning. I hope I can get some sewing done while he’s gone.

Now for some non-sequitors

I’m going to be making up the Bonnie Dress is Red. I’ve also put together a sweet little bag to go with it, but the first one was snatched away by Julia immediately upon my offer, so I didn’t get a picture yet!

Does anyone have a favorite headband pattern? I’m going to be trying to work out my own tomorrow while Grandma is here…but just in case ….

Have you all seen the sweet tutorials on Sandi Henderson’s website? My favorite is the rolled roses tutorial and I will be using it tomorrow for sure! I’ll be using the time during which Grandma is here to see Ella for clean up in my sewing room and prep of some hand sewing projects for the week. I also want to make up some toddler pocket pants for the shop.

I’d love to make up some more Little Woos in bamboo knits for my shop over the weekend so I can clear my plate to participate in the September sewalong from Wondermommy.

I plan to finally approach the local boutique owner about carrying some of my things. If anyone has any helpful information on how to make that a successful conversation, please share!

I want to thank everyone who contacted me to express their sympathy over not being accepted into the DUCF this year. I knew there was a danger of not getting in when I announced my efforts, but this is a blog about my real life and slow, sometimes painful start to realizing my dream. Thanks for listening to the all jubilation and the whining.

…time for sleep!


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One response to “Peter the 6th grader is ready for middle school

  1. The shirt is gorgeous, and it sounds like you did a good job raising the young man. I know all about tired little ones with too demanding mothers – but sometimes you just imagine the situation different than it turns out, right? 🙂
    Looking forward to all the sewing we’re going to see! 😉

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