Today she wanted to wear her hat

Her “Cars” hat.  And she kept it on her head.  Amazing.  I wish I had a picture, but I was afraid she’d take it off if I tried to get one with the matching motor city kid dress.

Here’s one from the other day (Still in jammies):

Delicious Baby

And here’s the dress as she was “helping me” on my cutting table:

Helper (?)

What she’s doing is not actually helping (big surprise), rather she is breaking my label-maker (again).

Peter is starting (middle) school in a couple weeks, and so had a special request for a new shirt to wear for pictures.  I love that my kids love that I make them clothing.  Peter treats the items as special heirlooms, which I imagine is rare behavior in a little boy, and always has. 

Whenever anyone comments on Ella’s clothing she responds “Mommy.  Soo-ing. Fo’ me.”  Isn’t that sweet?  She’s proud of me! Either that or she’s complaining, but I don’t think so because she will run up to J when she’s dressed in the morning and say “LOOK!” until he responds with “Isn’t that a lovely/pretty/cool/nice ___________”  I love it.

I also love that Peter wants a remake of this shirt.  I think I’m going to trace it off in 2 sizes larger than last time from the Ottobre 02/03 issue, because he is growing SO quickly and he insists on wearing his handmade clothing until it barely fits anymore.

I miss sewing up Ottobre for my kids, but I’ve been so focused on getting my OWN designs on paper (and in fabric) that I just haven’t taken the time recently.  Sewing for Peter from Otto is perfect, though, because it’s really the only pattern company I’ve noticed that makes such fabulous patterns for boys in his size.  If only I had known about the when he was younger, he’d have had a far nicer wardrobe…much more of it handmade.

I suppose that while I can’t sleep, I’m going to go down and work on the little Fall Jacket/Winter Shirt or clean up my sewing room (if I were cooler, I would call it my “studio” but I’m not cool, and I never was).


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  1. LOL – Karen, I think you’re pretty cool! I must say, Peter has such a good taste in clothes, I love that shirt – looking forward to the remake! And Ella is cool too – love the fact that she’s bragging about her Mom! Love the car-dress and the hat as well! 🙂

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