More time at the sewing machine, less time online….

Makes for a very very dull blog!  I apologize for that.  I’ve been on vacation up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, not far from Lake Superior where we’ve been playing in the sand, swimming (brrr) and sewing!

These past couple weeks I have been frantically sketching designs, ordering fabric, and pattern making to prepare my application for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair..because This Friday, August 15th is the last chance to apply to the 2008 Detroit Urban Craft Fair. Applications and more are online at

If you’re anywhere near the City, you should apply.  Heck, apply and make a trip this November even if you’re far away.  I’ll show you around town!

I need to get back to the sewing, since the little one is sleeping.  I’ll try to find my camera cord after she awakes to upload some of the pictures we’ve taken on this adventure.

(I have to add here that I’m not thrilled with the SDHC card and wish I had opted to bring a regular old SD card that I can just pop into my tablet instead…oh well.  Live and learn!)

One last thing.  Wondermommy had generously awarded this blog with the 4-stars award.  I’m hardly worthy!  (Especially lately)

I cannot WAIT to show you all the lovely little things I’ve been making!!


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One response to “More time at the sewing machine, less time online….

  1. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to. 🙂 And you definitely deserve four stars girl. I think in the summer it’s hard to blog, I know it has been for me. Hopefully once school starts in a few weeks things will get back to normal for me.

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