Run! (Again)

Run! (Again)

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It seems I only see her from the back these days. No, that’s not sunburn on her arms…they are red from sticking the in the (cold) watering can and flicking water sprinkles on the plants. I dread the day when she’s too old for ruffles on her bum!

These bloomers are made of bamboo knit, and are my own design. I had to start from scratch because the pattens for Japanese bloomers I have are too narrow for my fluffy girl (or anyone in cloth diapers), and the Ottobre bloomers are a bit “too” poofy…which is nice for stiffer wovens, but extra saggy-looking with knits.

I am learning a lot about pattern drafting (and making a LOT of muslins) from my new book Metric Pattern Cutting for Children’s Wear and Babywear: From Birth to 14 Years. Fantastic Resource
It’s a bit pricey, as I believe it is actually a textbook, but it has really helped me start from scratch! I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to draft their own patterns.

The fabric drapes beautifully, so next time I’m going to make the ruffles a bit narrower, so they don’t droop!



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2 responses to “Run! (Again)

  1. Run Ella Run! 😉 She’s so cute, love those ruffy buns too! 🙂

  2. I will have to check this book out. Thanks for the info. Never saw one on childrenswear. I have actually learned alot from a Japanese magazine I ordered, in which you have to draw the pattern from measurements given to you in a drawing. Very interesting. However I used to do alot of pattern alterations, and have many book about women’s pattern drafting/alterations.

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