Middle Schooler

Middle Schooler

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I cannot believe it. As of today, my first baby is a middle schooler. 6th grade this fall. Why didn’t I cry, when all the other mothers I know are sobbing because their babies are growing up?

Maybe it’s because he’s so happy about it? Maybe because he keeps getting ore wonderful, and I look forward to experiencing who he becomes?

Either way, I’m not nostalgic about his Elementary School days. I’m happy for him. Happy he’s so enthusiastic about moving on, and moving up. If any 10 year old is ready for Middle School, Peter is. And so am I, right behind him.



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4 responses to “Middle Schooler

  1. As I said, he’s just so handsome! I have no doubt he’s ready for it for some reason – it’s something in his eyes – you can tell that he’s ready to take on new challenges! 🙂

  2. What a great-looking young man (have to say young man now!) Congrats on finishing Fifth Grade and here’s to more happy years of learning!

  3. Congrats to your son – a middle schooler, wow! I don’t think I’ll be as positive as you when my daughter goes to middle school – I’m a sappy, sentimental mom. Thankfully I have one more year of adjusting to the thought.

  4. Thanks everyone! Some great additional news is that due to my husband’s diligence and followup with the school, Peter finally received his righfully earned “President’s Award for Academic Excellence” and he is THRILLED. When I went to give him the certificate and pin, he immediately put the pin on, and has been wearing it ever since.

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