Overfilled Sink

Overfilled Sink

Originally uploaded by Pranamama.

We had our bath in the kitchen today. I cannot believe how big she is! I know, I know very soon this will seem “small” and she won’t be fascinated by bumblebees, and saying “dropped it” or “reach it” won’t be such a big deal anymore….someday she’ll be leaving elementary school like Peter will tomorrow. But for now, she looks big to me. Barely fits in the sink…



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3 responses to “Overfilled Sink

  1. It’s heartbreaking how fast kids grow! Just tonight I was looking at my youngest (he’ll be 4 in two weeks) and I can’t believe how big he is. Even tho he’s still my “baby”, he’s far from a baby. He wants to be big like his brothers so bad he can hardly stand it. I HATE it and didn’t sign up for this type of heartbreak, or did I???? 😦 She’s a doll, enjoy the special moments!

  2. That’s a classic photo!

  3. wondermommy

    I really, really miss those days of sink baths!

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