I must be doing something right


Making the best cookies ever.
Often helping other people.
There are always peaceful solutions.
Helping hold the family together.
Everlasting love for me.
Repairing broken happiness.

By your son, Peter.

If those are all the things he ever learns from me, I’m happy that I’ve done my job. Thank you Peter for writing straight from your heart!

Happy Mother's Day to me!Happy Mother's Day to me!

We had a lovely breakfast with my mother in law and father in law at Atlas downtown, and watched the Turkish Formula1 race on our return (too bad Fernando wasn’t a contender this weekend) and then Ella insisted on some more Basketball.

Right now she’s sitting on her dad, reading Road and Track, watching the New Orleans and San Antonio Spurs game in her jammies top and a diaper in Peter’s baseball cap.

I did get some pattern drafting done today for all sizes from 18/24 mos-6 of the Lawn Dress, and am trying a new construction method for the Toddler Pocket Pants.  I’m really enjoying this Mothers Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!



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5 responses to “I must be doing something right

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you! What a lovely poem Peter wrote for you, kids are so sweet and wonderful (well most of the time! LOL).

  2. He’s a real little poet, isn’t he! Wonderful!

  3. hi! i just read your comment on the sew mama sew blog – i found the dress form in an ebay shop and it was only $72 (including shipping). i don’t remember the name of the place but i was thinking about getting another one and i typed in “dress forms” in the ebay shop search engine the other day and a lot of similarly-priced forms came up. Good luck! And, I LOVE your sweet dress and bloomers in the post below! I’ve been coveting that fabric and you have totally inspired me to bite the bullet and buy it!

  4. Jill

    I’ve been eyeing your blog address, and have finally found a moment to peek…just lovely. I love the poem from Peter…makes all the icky fingers worth it!!!

  5. That poem really touched me. It is truly beautiful to know that your son can create such a lovely poem. Wow mom, you have done everything right. I hope I will be able to say the same when my son gets older.

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