Getting close…

Bonnie Dress with Bloomers

Originally uploaded by Pranamama.

I’ve been deciding what to place in my upcoming etsy shop and I think I have a winner here. I love the “Meadow Life” fabric, and I was so pleased with the way this came together. I cannot wait to take Ella’s picture in it. She was wearing it the other day as it was just a bodice with only one sleeve closed…refusing to return it for completion.

I’m calling it “Bonnie Dress” because it’s right up my mom’s alley….plus it is quite a bonnie dress! I love this Heather Ross fabric. Like every Kokka fabric I’ve tried, it’s a dream to work with. Fraying seems to be inevitable, due tot he looser weave of the linen/cotton canvas, but it presses beautifully, and I can finish it nicely, now that I’ve learned my way around the elna 845!


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