Hazy Jane skirt with Brother’s shirt

She insisted on wearing Peter’s shirt, but I think this skirt needs bloomers…Ella’s no lady and all the bending over shows too much diaper. Anyway, this is an almost-half circle skirt I’ve adapted from a beautiful Japanese sewing book by Nani Iro from my favorite etsy shop. I changed the angle of the curve to increase the flounce a tiny bit, lengthened the skirt quite a bit, and the hem is jut a tiny serged edge, folded over and topstitched.

I love the way this skirt turned out, and I think it will be a great shop addtion if I can come up with a cute embellishment for the organic t-shirts I’m picking up.

Next up – some little flower canvas by Heather Ross to turn into a round-collared dress. I’ve already modified my original idea to use brown linen as an accent as well. Covered buttons are intimidating to me, so I may be a couple days working on that one. Plus I have actual work to do…


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One response to “Hazy Jane skirt with Brother’s shirt

  1. This skirt is just adorable – and “flounce” – that must be the word, I was looking for! Love the flounce of this one! I still can’t wait to see your Etsy shop!
    I used a fabric that Heather Ross designed with Matrioshka dolls, by the way – she has made some beautiful designs!

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