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Not much to say recently

Because there is so much to do!  I have four completely-mine designs ready for etsy (“soon!” I keep telling myself and everyone else…) and I’m working on some fun little pieces to bring everything together.  I think I’m halfway there, in terms of opening shop. Here’s one of the new things on Ella (buttons from my grandma’s button box):babywoo 001aElla in little woo

I’m not familiar with J’s camera, so the photos are a bit off….since I cannot find my battery charger, I ordered a new charger AND an extra battery for my luminous LUMIX TZ3, and I’ll get back to snapping photos as quickly as possible.  I had no idea how dearly I’d miss my own camera.

I had a bout with what seems to have been the stomach flu over the weekend into Tuesday, and then work work work again!  Ella has been upset with me for having been dehydrated, but a little Yogi Tea Nursing Mother’s Tea and I’m ready to serve again.

J is in Hannover now, but he was a darling husband, postponing his trip to care for me while I was incapacitated.

Still on my list: web site updates for my favorite client, birthday gift for my dad, a pleated beauty handbag for the Bend the Rules Sewing swap (had to buy a new book, since it seems I’ve given my first one away), finish up the items to list in the shop, and a tutorial for the SewMamaSew contest.

Of course that means I haven’t made time for sewing from the last, adorable ottobre and the new one should already arrive this week!!  Never mind sewing for myself, at least for now.

I have a few more ideas floating around in my head before sleep-time, so I’d better get sketching before Ella wakes again.



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my very first swap!

I love Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules Sewing book, and I’m thrilled to be paricipating in this swap for a pleasted beauty handbag. I have just the fabric…


In other news, we’ve been making creative lunches and dinners around here. I realized I haven’t been grocery shopping, but at the same time, there are some unrelated items in the refrigerator and pantry that came together nicely for the past couple days. (Including some hummus that uses cashews instead of tahini! and a packed with leftovers miso soup) Peter keeps asking for biscuits, but I’m saving those for saturday.

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Full, Nourishing Weekend

So, Peter and I attended yet another fabulous cooking class at the Detroit Evolution Laboratory. I love that they are willing, enthusiastic even, about having a 10 year old in class. We made stunningly delicious food, as ever, and shared a meal and conversation with our classmates. One of the classmates commented that the discussion was a little heady for a kid to take in; but Peter is fascinated by people and opinions, and wants to learn as much as possible. The only issue is that it “seems” like he’s not paying attention, or even a little bored at times. I know that’s not the case, however, as we discussed the regeneration of a city and culture on the way home from our class. I came to understand that he takes things in differently from most people.

Peter wanted to help at the Great American Meat-Out, and so Gregg and Angela graciously agreed to have him  Ella needed a hug while Peter was working!  assist at their table, talking to insterested people, taking a survey to help plan their new vegan restaurant in Eastern Market opening later this year, and doing whatever Peter does. He was nervous at first; not accustomed to speaking to strangers, but relaxed as he practiced a bit.

He believes so deeply in a compassionate life that any fears or nervousness he may have experienced disappeared with the sense of purpose he felt. It was also invaluable for him to witness the way our friends are comfortable and enthusiastic and peaceful in their interactions with everyone. I am so grateful to have friends who value Peter, and love him for who he is….sometimes I think they are more accepting of Peter than I am. 

While Peter was learning about sustainability, consumption, and animal rights (and food!), I needed to make a stop over at the Loop Social Circle event. Unfortunately, it was scheduled for the same day as the VegMichigan event, but fortunately, it was only a couple of miles away.

To complete my unintentional “good for my kids, even though it’s not easy” social experiment, I took Ella to my parents’ house near the events. She was not happy, initially, about being away from me (that’s an understatement – she’s in full-on separation anxiety phase), especially since she was still clingy from having 5 hours away from me the night before (during the cooking class) but I had to fulfill my commitment to attending the crafting event, and besides, I wanted to go!  That said, I couldn’t stay long, in fact only enough time to sew on a couple buttons, but it was a fantastic oasis of calm. Next time I’m definitely staying long enough to complete a whole project!

Best part? I returned to this:
Ella and Pepe napping
Which, honestly, had I not seen with my own two eyes, would not have believed!

In between all of these activities, we had more activities – baseball evaluations for team placement, Jack and Julia over for the weekend, a bit of sewing (and a tutorial in the works!) and a lot of outdoor play and indoor housekeeping.

The weekend was full, but oh-so-fulfilling, and I am filled with gratitude.

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Art of Lounging

Art of Lounging

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Jack is teaching Ella the “Art of Lounging.” Jack is an expert at relaxation, and here, he and Ella set up a little nest to relax and watch a little video on the pc. I suppose we could all learn a bit from Jack!

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Little scavengers strike again!

This was the first picture I could get, because my scavengers waited outside the oven until I pulled out the cast-iron skillet and descended upon this dish like vultures. This is my latest favorite recipe from Veganomicon. The biscuits are like REAL biscuits, flaky, delicious, buttery with the addition of Earth Balance non-hydrogenated spread…not like the dense, rock-like lumps that other recipes have produced under my less-than-skilled execution.

leek and white bean cassoulet with biscuits

I can almost taste the fresh thyme….
leek and white bean cassoulet with biscuits

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The little vegan stalks her prey

And who wouldn’t, really? Asparagus-leek “quiche” and cherry tomato salad with shallot-mustard-tarragon vinaigrette.

She decided today that she loves tomatoes. She also decided that she will eat tofu, if it looks like quiche 🙂

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