Opening Day

We had the television on, to watch our beloved Tigers blow it in the 11th inning, but Ella doesn’t care if they win or lose.  She says “beesbowl” and when we’re up to bat, she wants to “hugga!” the players.  I’ll bet if they knew that, they’d play better.

It’s opening day in more than one way around here.  I just read a beautiful article about Lunar Based Pranayama  to be published soon which inspired me to add 5 minutes of focused breathing to my day.  I need to open my mind and heart a little more.

Also, we registered Peter for baseball.  Our first foray into organized sports since a couple 6-week seasons of indoor soccer 3 or 4 years ago.  Jack is signed up, too, but we didn’t get any input on that choice, so they boys will be playing on different teams (in different leagues, with different practice and game times, etc. unless of course they play against each other).  It will be an interesting Spring, that’s for sure.  I’m sure Ella will enjoy all the outdoor time, but I’m nervous about what this will do to my available work time and creative time….see why I need the pranayama?



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