freedom of speech

After an uneventful (thankfully) trip on the plane, we arrived in DC.  None of the kids have been here other than Peter in 1999, so it was an adventure the boys were really looking forward to.

Our first night here we chilled at the hotel and ordered in Indian.  The hotel staff is not helpful, so we had some major sorting out of sleeping space to accomplish, but once settled in, and after a gentle reminder from our 10 year olds that “We’re lucky to be on vacation, so let’s make the most of it!” we did.  Nice to be reminded of my own teachings from time to time.

On Saturday we traveled to VA to meet our little nephew, Reed.  Ella was thrilled, but not as thrilled as Jack was!  We all went to eat at a neat diner and pick up some food from TJ for the kitchenette.

The entire time we have been here, Ella has resisted naps.  It usually takes her a couple days to adjust to a hotel, but she has been so active in mimicking her brothers and sister and simply excited to have all 6 of us together, she’s not made time to rest…even under duress.  Finally crashed at 8 until 7am on Sunday and is like a wild animal all day long!

Snuggled into bed with her brothers:

DC 08 003

We met with the parents-in-law and Stephanie and baby Reed on the National Mall and began our patriotic adventure. 

Peter couldn’t WAIT to see the Lincoln Memorial, but we walked from the Capitol side of the Mall.  Ella couldn’t wait to walk, herself, so she walked from the Washington Memorial to the WWII Memorial, ran really, and then danced after seeing the ducks in the reflecting pond and sped like like a Wild Animal toward the Lincoln Memorial.

DC 08 022

DC 08 024

We paused to reflect, and look at the reflections.  Steph and Reed are beautiful, aren’t they?

DC 08 033

Grandmom has a conference with Ella after we bribed her back into the stroller with an apple.

DC 08 041

Peter and Jack went with Grandpa into the memorial so the babies could have a quick nursing break.  Naturally, Ella wanted to join them, so she walked with us up the steps.

Learning a little etiquette:

DC 08 051

Ella and I had a discussion about Freedom on the way out.

I love that we live somewhere we can say what’s on our minds and not fear retribution.  I love that the tradition of this country is revolution.  I love that our kids can speak their minds, even when I disagree.

DC 08 055

Peter and Jack behind the White House.


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