Kids and home

We had such a nice night tonight.  How can it not be great when “Brainless Banana Pancakes” are on the menu?  Ella wasn’t thrilled, but Peter and I love this recipe from How it all Vegan, and make it regularly.

After packing away the groceries and finishing the dishes, we went to the basement so I could make Peter a fleece …I had a great idea about making one with exposed seams, etc.  A nicer (hopefully) version than this one:

ottobre 01/08 #32 front

He and Ella played on the sewing room floor just how I always imagined they would…Playing Cariboo, building “towns” and when Peter was released to play GameCube while I tried to finish the neckline, Ella went to work on her sewing machine (no needle)with her drill (no bit).  She learned to say “needle” and “looper” today, so clearly, she’s staying downstairs long enough to learn something.  Peter watched me make the seams on his raglan sleeves because he was actually interested.  Maybe he’ll sew someday too? 

Peter thanked me (again) for teaching him how to cook tonight.

I have great children.


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