back and buried, but happy!

…but working on the etsy shop and my sewing space while I chase Ella (and Peter) around the house.  J and I spent almost all weekend between Ikea and home, installing lighting and helping Peter get his homework done, building my new cutting table and the boys’ art supply storage station (pictures to come) with Ella’s help of course.

 I also worked on a flyer for a future prenatal yoga session, in my favorite yoga studio.  If you’re pregnant, please go!  Astarte Yoga is a serene, balanced, and simple space, full of beautiful energy….just the place to treat yourself and your baby with lovingkindness:
Prenatal Yoga in Farmington Hills, MI



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2 responses to “back and buried, but happy!

  1. these are magic words… “…building my new cutting table” ! can’t wait to see it and your new sewing space. 🙂

  2. LOL it involved about 15 minutes (because Ella was “helping” by putting screws in every hole…) and I think I got everything for under $100. We sold the other table, so even with spending this, we made a profit 🙂 So really, it was free! I’ll take pictures as soon as I have my things back in the room (Friday?) because it’s not fair to post pictures with only half the stuff in and appear more organized than I am!!

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