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…and the real live onegirlcircus who is ella is (actually) sleeping at a reasonable hour, so short and sweet, but I just wanted to share the look for my new company! (Before I get back to work for other peoples’ companies yet tonight….)

onegirlcircus logo

hopefully soon I will have some time to execute on all the fabulous ideas in my head to fill my etsy shop with more than words…until then, it’s pixels and vectors, not fabric…*sigh*


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back and buried, but happy!

…but working on the etsy shop and my sewing space while I chase Ella (and Peter) around the house.  J and I spent almost all weekend between Ikea and home, installing lighting and helping Peter get his homework done, building my new cutting table and the boys’ art supply storage station (pictures to come) with Ella’s help of course.

 I also worked on a flyer for a future prenatal yoga session, in my favorite yoga studio.  If you’re pregnant, please go!  Astarte Yoga is a serene, balanced, and simple space, full of beautiful energy….just the place to treat yourself and your baby with lovingkindness:
Prenatal Yoga in Farmington Hills, MI


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Boo-tong, Boo-tong

Ella suddenly has a French accent.  She’s picked up her brothers’ desire to push the button (I meant Boo-TONG).  She also likes for us to Poo-TONG the lights, and her clothes.  She especially likes to poo-TONG the buddha light in the hotel room. 

Another new treat is her insistence that she sign the receipt for anything we buy.  This is actually quite funny at restaurants when we can oblige her with the customer copy.  No so amusing however, when buying fabric or coffee… 

We’ve been in San Francisco for a week now.  I miss Peter terribly, and I think Ella misses all of her siblings, as well; stuck here with boring old mom and dad.  She is just settling in.  Its too bad we’re leaving Tuesday.  We havent had the best time in our hotels, however.  The Palace Hotel was AWFUL.  Service was terrible, the rooms were bad.  We moved to the W and I have to say, the room is fantastic.  Again, however, the service is not worth the stay in the nice room.  Starting with the concierge recommending a restaurant two miles away for us to walk to, but neglecting to mention that we need reservations (or heaven forbid actually making them for us!) so that when we arrived, baby in stroller and a bit tired from the uphill, we were turned away….finishing with room service that was 30 minutes late and incorrect.  (They did remove the room service charges from our bill, but not without a fight.  We’re switching tomorrow to the Hotel Kabuki in Japantown. Hopefully it will be better there.

We have enjoyed our time at the Yerba Buena Gardens –

Inside the waterfall at Yerba Buena Gardens
She’s here in the waterfall, which is her favorite feature.  She’s mesmerized by it and was delighted that she could walk behind it (as you can see!)  The first time we went, I was watching how cute Ella was…making silly noises at birds and pointing at the waterfall while J was carrying her when I had a comedy moment; flipped right over a cement bench.  It would have been comedic on television or in a movie, I suppose.  I have a killer set of bruises on my knees and my jaw even hurts from the fall (yes, on my face). Otherwise, Ella runs around, J chases her and I get to relax (in a manner of speaking) at the delightful Samovar Tea Lounge.  I wish I’d have known abut this place when Tracy was here, but perhaps she’ll visit on her own sometime.

 We love Hayes Valley because of the shops, the park on Octavia Boulevard,
SFO_0208 060
the bluebottle coffee stand, stitch lounge, and of course, J’s new favorite comic book store: Isotope.  Ella likes it there, but has a hard time spending that much time in a stroller.  She’s just not used to it, I guess.  It is hard on us, because there is so much to do, and one would THINK that a 16 month old would love a nice relaxing 2-3 mile walk each way in a comfy, giant stroller, but nooooooooooooo.

Okay, ONCE she fell asleep for more than a few moments, and without a fuss. I took a photo for evidence:
SFO_0208 042


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Little engineer fingured out how to work the table flap.

She coldn’t stand not knowing how daddy magically changed the table from round to square. I wonder how many of my things will be in pieces before I realize what she’s doing as she grows older (and quieter)…I’d better keep her away from my sewing machines and the screwdriver!

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Ella was “sewing” today

It was so sweet!  I also made my first continuous bias strip by sewing only one seam and cutting afterards.  I have to make about 6 yards for the dress I’m making for Ella, so it was an experiment.  I’ll post a tutorial if I can make time before we head to S.F.

Speaking of San Francisco, I should really get back to working on these brochures…more tomorrow.

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