Reeds read

Ella loves to read.

Here she is, reading with daddy:
readingreeds 006

Here she is, reading “to” daddy:
Ella, showing daddy an article in scientific american
Notice the stacks of books by the hearth? Usually those are spread all over the floor because she brings them one by one to read in our laps. She “docks” by backing up toward us and sitting in our laps, book in her hands, ready to read!

Here she is, reading to her baby:
Ella reading to her baby

Last night, she brought the baby to our bed. I let her “visit” but the migration is supposed to occur in the opposite direction – back to Ella’s room, not into ours! Ella and I put her baby back in Ella’s bed, and kissed her goodnight.

Tonight, while Peter (who is not feeling very well) was soaking in the tub, Ella and I were playing “head, shoulders, knees and toes”, then I sang pat-a-cake to her. She clapped along for a couple claps, then went to her book stack, throwing off the smaller books as if looking for something. She was searching for her nursery rhymes book! She turned to the pat-a-cake page and pointed to the cake!!

Then, saying goodnight to everything outside, (trees, stars, etc.) we went through our most popular animal visitors and I said, “Goodnight deer, goodnight woodchuck, goodnight fox.” and paused. Ella pointed outside and added, “Bird!” I said “Goodnight bird,” and she nodded in approval.

Who could forget bird??

(clue: he’s the brightest red on the tree of reds 🙂


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