Swollen Gums again and work, work, work!

Ella in “Olivia Underdress”

Originally uploaded by Pranamama.

Ella has been “teething” since she was 4 months, old but the first teeth just appeared at 11 months. No she has a mouth full of molars and various teeth (out of order) that just don’t seem to give her a break! Once again, my poor baby has a mouth full of swollen gums, but she’s in good spirits. She did have all of her siblings here to entertain her today while J and I took turns working and making travel arrangements.  She even insisted on going outside in the weather (snowing in the ‘teens!) so that she could hang out with daddy and Jack instead of boring old mom.

Just 2 more weeks until San Francisco and J is losing his mind neck deep in work. I feel for him, and I’m not far behind.  At least I have my visit with Tracy to look forward to, and keep me excited about going.

I had to take a sewing break today. I cannot believe how long it’s taking me to make myself a shirt, but I am pleased with how it’s coming along. I needed the handwork to calm my senses. I can only illustrate tiny software icons of car parts for so long in one day without going cross-eyed!

yippee, a muffler.

Just a little update for now. More tomorrow once the icons are done and I move on to brochures.


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