polka-dotted day

Olivia Version 2

I made another Olivia top from farbenmix, only this one fits.  I downsized drastically, removing some length from the sleeves and the bodice by folding the pattern pieces across the middle.  I removed some of the fullness from the skirt portion, but none in the sleeve.  I also removed some size in the hood, but kept the tail as designed.

Front view of happy customer.

The knit was so soft, I didn’t want to add the pocket as in the pattern.  I narrow-hemmed the sleeves with the serger, but I guess I didn’t need to finish them at all, because I left the bottom hem cut and it looks very nice to me.

Ella changes her mind and her clothes.

 Ella had other ideas about what would work well to accompany her new shirt…The jeans weren’t doing it for her today, I suppose.  She brought me these tights and pretended to put them on herself, indicating that I should help her change.  She seems happier.  I should have known today is a polka-dotted day!

We packed some layers on and headed to Maybury State Park with the boys for a walk in the stroller on the paved path for a change.  Ella held out fine for about 30 minutes in the stroller and then wanted to be held.  J carried her to the play area where the boys went wild and Ella chased after them as a little sister should!  I dressed her for the stroller with the sleeping bag, but not enough layers for the progressively chillier day, so we went home for a nap with our little ice cube earlier than planned.  We must have worn her (and me) out because we napped until it was almost time to meet our new friends at our favorite restaurant.

Peter’s friend T’s family are so much fun.  T’s little sister *loves* Ella, and made her a lovely little bracelet.  They also brought a beautiful fleece-lined sweater that was C’s – exactly what we needed during our walk today. How perfect!

 Ella was right; polka-dots and smiles were most definitely on the agenda for today.


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