i want to remember everything

like how she says “more” before she even opens her eyes in the morning (or the middle of the night) …or how she gently tells me “nooo” in a sweet and quiet voice as she shakes her head.  i want to remember that she’s so wiggly that i only see her still when she’s sleeping.  i cannot forget how she loves to make faces at herself in the pc monitor where the webcam is set up.  she unpacks her drawer and takes clean clothes to the laundry room (do i do that much laundry?) i love how she walks around, talking to herself, “diggle diggle”

she flirts with waiters and pretends she’s shy at check-out lanes.  she LOVES her brothers.  i don’t want to forget how she feeds herself (and the floor) with her tiny fork and spoon.  i wonder if brown rice will always be her favorite food?  will she always be clumsy when she’s tired?

we asked her where her baby was the other day and she said, “OH!” and ran to her room to get her up.  ella loves baths.  every night she takes one, even if only for a few minutes.  she is so determined. .. and very opinionated (karmic revenge, but hey, we know what we want!)

it seems like she understands everythingwe say.  we talk to her in a normal, adul tone of voice, and she follows directions.  i say, “go ahead and take that empty mug to the kitchen” and she DOES!

 today she climbed up on the piano bench and wanted to play a duet.  at the restaurant tonight, she was given a mylar balloon (she has the owner charmed) and pulled the ribbon, hand over hand, to bring the shiny part closer to her.  where did she learn that?

she has 10 teeth now.  3 new ones this week including a molar.

i don’t want to forget these big and little things.  she’s fifteen months old now.  i feel like she’s growing up way too fast, but at the same time, i love each new development and how she looks like she’s even bigger every morning.

i miss her when she’s sleeping and i’m not.  i’m going to join her in dreamland now.


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