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Sweety Peety needs a haircut

Sweety Peety needs a haircut

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Peter needs a haircut.


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Ella and her baby

Ella and her baby

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Ella’s wearing her new hermosa "dress" and really insisting on taking her baby for a walk in 18 degrees outside…not happenin’

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ella and her baby

ella and her baby

Originally uploaded by Pranamama.

Ella likes to place her baby in the basket under her stroller.

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upcoming delights and obstacles (work)

First this:

Then this:
Inspiration, waiting for me
Ella, admiring mommy's new fabric

Most definitely engaging in some of this with Peter.

and this:
girly style, waiting for me to finish

even if I have to pack it up and take it here to finish.

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Reeds read

Ella loves to read.

Here she is, reading with daddy:
readingreeds 006

Here she is, reading “to” daddy:
Ella, showing daddy an article in scientific american
Notice the stacks of books by the hearth? Usually those are spread all over the floor because she brings them one by one to read in our laps. She “docks” by backing up toward us and sitting in our laps, book in her hands, ready to read!

Here she is, reading to her baby:
Ella reading to her baby

Last night, she brought the baby to our bed. I let her “visit” but the migration is supposed to occur in the opposite direction – back to Ella’s room, not into ours! Ella and I put her baby back in Ella’s bed, and kissed her goodnight.

Tonight, while Peter (who is not feeling very well) was soaking in the tub, Ella and I were playing “head, shoulders, knees and toes”, then I sang pat-a-cake to her. She clapped along for a couple claps, then went to her book stack, throwing off the smaller books as if looking for something. She was searching for her nursery rhymes book! She turned to the pat-a-cake page and pointed to the cake!!

Then, saying goodnight to everything outside, (trees, stars, etc.) we went¬†through our most popular animal visitors and I said, “Goodnight deer, goodnight woodchuck, goodnight fox.” and paused. Ella pointed outside and added, “Bird!” I said “Goodnight bird,” and she nodded in approval.

Who could forget bird??

(clue: he’s the brightest red on the tree of reds ūüôā

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Swollen Gums again and work, work, work!

Ella in “Olivia Underdress”

Originally uploaded by Pranamama.

Ella has been “teething” since she was 4 months, old but the first teeth just appeared at 11 months. No she has a mouth full of molars and various teeth (out of order) that just don’t seem to give her a break! Once again, my poor baby has a mouth full of swollen gums, but she’s in good spirits. She did have all of her siblings here to entertain her today while J and I took turns working and making travel arrangements.¬† She even insisted on going outside in the weather (snowing in the ‘teens!) so that she could hang out with daddy and Jack instead of boring old mom.

Just 2 more weeks until San Francisco and J is losing his mind neck deep in work. I feel for him, and I’m not far behind.¬† At least I have my visit with Tracy to look forward to, and keep me excited about going.

I had to take a sewing break today. I cannot believe how long it’s taking me to make myself a shirt, but I am pleased with how it’s coming along. I needed the handwork to calm my senses. I can only illustrate tiny software icons of car parts for so long in one day without going cross-eyed!

yippee, a muffler.

Just a little update for now. More tomorrow once the icons are done and I move on to brochures.

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Nephew on the Way

I don’t know why I forgot that I knew how to sew when Peter was a baby, but making these clothes for my nephew-on-the-way was a wonderful experience!¬† I found some lovely fabric from my Japanese fabric co-op¬†and looked for a few tiny baby designs from ottobre¬†to make for him.¬† Since my sister in law is stylish and unique, I knew her son would need something out of the ordinary for his first¬†time with us.
velveteen bunny set - back
The Velveteen Rabbit is one of my favorite stories of all time, so velveteen and bunnies was a natural combination. And, every kid needs some black to match their mommy, in my opinion. In fact, making this outfit reminded me that Ella looks lovely in black, too, and I’d better sew some new things for her soon!

I have a double-sided minky fleece blanket I’d like to bind in the bunny fabric, as well. I think I’ll do it by hand. I keep waffling whether to hand stitch or machine stitch the binding, but I think time is going to dictate the machine does my heavy lifting. I have to remind myself that each stitch is still filled with love, whether machine or hand-done.
double minky blanket....and bunny binding

I was also able to get my hands on some double-sided pointelle knit Japanese fabric from Kokka’s Trefle line, and I made some sweet layette items for the little one as yet to be named.
snuggly sleep set

I made my favorite types of clothing, but only one of each, so that my sister-in-law can tell me which she likes best. I wish I’d have made some tiny things for Ella before she was born…

Next, I have a few things for Ella in the works, some more pants for Peter, and possibly another shirt, and next- something for ME! I just wish someone would start a sewalong, so I could get motivated. Maybe I should?

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