Why didn’t anyone tell me December’s half over?

I think when Peter told me there were only a few days until Christmas I thought he was exaggerating. 

Why do I feel like it was just Thanksgiving yesterday? All of my plans for a completely homey and home-made Christmas – thwarted!  I’d like to say it is compltely due to life with ellabella and her latest growth spurt – both physical and mental – that occupies every waking moment…mine and hers, but it’s not her fault.  I haven’t made lists, and haven’t checked anything twice…Everyone gave me a “pass” last year and was surprised I could pull out the tricks to make a great Christmas Eve dinner party, but mothers of toddlers, especially actionpacked, force-of-nature toddlers, not tiny babies, are the ones who truly need a pass.

So I wasn’t going to blame her, but I started thinking about how I have spent the last 4 weeks.  Since Ella has learned to run, I have lost 7 lbs.  I am not dieting.  I am running behind her, picking up toys, magazines, tupperware, crayons, you name it.  It’s not completely exhausting, but close, and she is *so* funny that I lose my breath laughing.  When she’s not funny, though, she’s resisting sleep, which means I’m missing sleep, and staying up late (my most creative time of the day) is an exercise in futility, because, not only did I not get a nap during the day (oh yes, “sleep when he baby sleeps” is alive and well even at 14 months!) but I have to squander that creative time on organizing.  I can do almost any household chore with Ella, she can unpack the dishwasher, help move wet laundry to the dryer, even cooking isn’t impossible, but I cannot organize any space while she’s awake. 

I hope Peter’s in the mood for big brother-ing tomorrow, because he has a snow day and I need him to entertain (chase, pick up after…see above) his sister so I can get some crafty goodness finished in time to give!

 We DID make ornaments this year, but the pictures are still in the camera.  J was the most productive of all of us!

I hope you’re more prepared than I am for the holidays.


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