week-long date with the Allen Wrench

Ella and I went to Ikea last night and purchased the storage and seating for my sewing room.  The storage is coming ia home delivery, because getting those bookcases (soon to be fabric-cases) onto the cart with an almost-30-lb. baby strapped to the front of me was hard enough to get to the check out counter!

 We picked up a futon and PINK corduroy slipcover, along with a matching PINK rug, a purple floor cushion (which looks like a zafu, but not nearly as firm) and a purple throw.  Assembling the tiny storage containers of wood is going to definitely be a for-pay job for Peter.  He should know how to use a hammer at age 10, anyway.

Tonight I assembled the futon with a little “help” from Ella and Peter.  They were both *so* excited for me to get it finished.  Ela just sat up there, looking far too grown up.  Peter asked if he could sleep on it!?  (Not tonight)  He was talking about how great it will be when I’m sewing and he’s watching a movie or playing a video game in there and then can just stop and sew with me 🙂  He made his first ever sewing attempt, and seemed to find it relaxing, so hopefully there will be more co-crafting.

Ella decided that my pink chair  is hers, and moved it to the living room (still not attached to the swivel base, thank goodness, just the plastic seat portion) and sat there often throughout the day, “reading” and slouching.  We also did some drawing with colored pencils n large paper, which seemed to be entertaining for her.  Not as entertaining, however, as rearranging the pantry:


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