yet another evening spent not sewing

i want to, need to sew, and yet i’m so (sew) exhausted at the end of the day, i simply cannot. if i cannot muster enough for the shift key, clearly i’m spent! maybe it’s because poor peter has been home sick for a few days, or because ella’s 5th tooth finally broke and she’s hit her stride RUNNING, but i just cannot go to the basement sewing room again tonight.

 though, i sure didn’t mind spending 2 hours (in which i could have handily completed the latest gift for sophia – my own design inspired by my japanese craft book) reading blogs.

how could i resist reading kuky ideas’ wonderful blog, the following links to disdressed’swonderful blog…where i thought for many long minutes how i could possibly test her beautiful new pattern and squeeze ella into the test size (3-6 months – not going to happen!)

 i’ll bet the book Craft, Inc. sitting next to me right now has a whole chapter on staying away from your laptop if you want to actually MAKE something…

of  course, how would i know that i wanted to make thesewithout my daily dose of the purl bee?  don’t tell anyone, but i’m going to make them out of craft felt and beads in my stash and regular old embroidery thread.  cretin, i know.

 i should enjoy ella sleeping and join her. *yawn* progress tomorrow, i promise!

fluffy sleeping

look at  those soft feet!!!

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