I’ve been buried in marketing collateral design work and piles of fabric and family obligations all week…I’m hoping tomorrow I can finally post some pictures.  On the bright side, I have worked on some outfits for my lovely niece who just turned one, as well as figuring out my new Serger/Coverstitch machine. (Thanks again, mommy)

Some sweet recipe cards for my mother to give with her cookie exchange (I hope she saves some for me!) and some work on my own etsy shop logo (soon to be realized!) have squeezed in over the past few days…I have been *dreaming* of a new design for baby Sophia made from some gorgeous Japanese fabrics I have sitting on the dining room table. 

I have to make a list of things to do this year to get my handmade holiday rear in gear…first on the list is to being order to my sewing room.  I have “permission” from J to go get myself some shelves and a lovely little velvet covered futon (ikea here we come).  Need some cabinets to sort my little presser feet and pieces, and a corkboard for inspiration photos.  Some way to sort my thread would be useful, as well as a source for velvet ribbon (anyone?).

I ordered The Sampler and a few books for myself, because I am finding it hard to make time to actually create…at least I can read about creativity.  One book that has been inspirational in a creative sense is The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Collette Wolff .  I can (and do) read about pleats and gathering for hours.

Creating things is important to me. Working with my hands gives me a real sense of satisfaction.  I also love to wrap my children in love with handmade clothing.  But what of non-tangible creations?  Isn’t the world we create for our children as (or more) important than the physical surroundings we provide?   I don’t become as frustrated with my lack of “studio” time as I once would have.  I love that my time is consumed with raising my kids.  Being a good example takes time, and effort, and patience.  I’m working very hard at that.  I wish we’d have made time to go to the public events this week in Dearborn with Amma.  Instead, tonight, to ward off the effects of the bitter cold, Ella and I took a long bath and shared a quick chant before sleeping.

I wish I were more organized…perhaps then, Ella and I wouldn’t be eating toasted quinoa and millet with no vegetables for dinner?  Probably not.

It helps to have wonderful friends and family, as I do, to keep from feeling too buried in everyday life.  I’m looking forward to a beautiful December.


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