A rose is a rose, or a red pepper is a ?

As a sometimes vegan, I could still never get past missing cheese.  A wonderful podcast (vegetarian food for thought’s “life after cheese” scroll down to find it in the list) helped me understand why, and now that I have gotten over it, I feel wonderfully healthy and I don’t miss it at all.  Probably the easiest part of being vegan is eating!  After I took a couple cooking classes with Peter, we try to make a full-blown dinner once a week, and I make little recipes to keep us going during the week.

 Here’s Ella, upon deciding that food is yucky when mommy feeds it to her and must be immediately ejected, but when it is discovered moments later in the dirty dishwasher load, it’s delicious!
elr12_07 017

One of my favorites is a vegan cashew cheese recipe from the beautiful and gifted Angela.  One of the ingredients is red pepper, and tonight, while cutting one in the sink, I realized that I don’t even associate peppers with salad any longer.  As soon as I cut the pepper, I thought “mmmm, cheese”…

 Would a pepper by any other name still smell like cheese?


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