my two geminis

My birthday is coming up.  It is my favorite holiday of the year.  I know that’s a bit narcissistic, but my birth month flower is the narcissus, after all.  It’s not the gifts, it’s the all-about-me-ness of the day. 

Now that we’re clear on that, the point of this post is the geminis in my life. My mother and my husband. (and of course, regarding my birthday.  I am not a gemini.)

For the record, I don’t even know if I believe in astrology, but I do know that I see trends in the personality types of the people I know aligning with their astrological sign.

I sew.  I was the lucky recipient of a beautiful Husqvarna Viking Platinum 755Q for my birthday last year.  I LOVE my sewing machine as much as I love sewing.  Which is a lot.  Since I have been sewing at least weekly, if not daily, I have noticed that my skills have improved greatly.  I have made almost all of Ella’s clothing, and some things for Peter, and for myself as well.  I am ready to take my garments to the next level of professionaism.  I am ready for a serger.

Peter and I were watching Sewing with Nancy last week (trying to get Ella to sleep…she likes Nancy Zieman’s voice and the hum of the machines on tv while I bounce on the exercise ball and hold her in the baby carrier) and when this episode called Sew and Go Knits explained the usefulness of a serger, Peter’s eyes got wide and he said to me “Mommy, I see now why you want one.”  After Ella was sleeping, Peter told me he had decided what I should get for my birthday:  he was offering to give me $100 from his savings account to put towards a serger for myself.  What a *sweet* boy!  I declined, but it motivated me to sell my first TabletPC to put towards the purchase of a serger for myself.

Saturday I went to my mother’s.  Before Ella and I left, I was reading craft magazines in bed, and J started asking all sorts of questions about different kinds of sewing machines.  I took with me to mom’s house a little outfit I made for my neice, Sophia, explaining to my mom how much nicer the finish would have been with a serger.  Then I told her J was asking me questions about machines in the morning.  She said, “Great, he’s probably going to get you one and I’ll have to think of something else to get you for your birthday and Christmas.”  What?  wow!!  Yippee!  I still get butterflies in my stomach dreaming of the day (Wednesday) when mom will be taking me to choose my very own serger!!

 Many hours later, Ella and I arrived home.  I bounced in the door, exploding in a “Guess what??” way when I saw J.  I told him of my mother’s gift and he looked oddly at me.  He was trying to be happy for me, but something was wrong.  He finally interrupted my giddy babbling and said, “Great, now I’ll have to think of something else to get you for your birthday.” 

Eventually he got over the fact that his birthday surprise was ruined.  He told me he was mostly disappointed that my mother took the “easy” gift, since clearly, I am obsessed with sewing.  However, like the man he is, he said I should tell mom that he’s grateful she’s buying me the serger, because he still gets partial credit for thinking of the same gift, without having to pay a dime!

Now, to organize the sewing room once and for all, to make room for my new machine!  It’s a good thing I have inspiration like the sewing room organization challenge at the domestic diva’s disasters that I stumbled upon at Burda Style (which I read as fed to my yahoo page every morning 🙂

Goodnight for now, planning to do!

Thank you in advance to my two geminis. 


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One response to “my two geminis

  1. ROTFL! You are going to LOVE having a serger! I have ummm…3 Vikings…I started with a Pfaff,then moved onto the Vikings. Now I’m looking to add an industrial coverstitch serger. My poor husband…

    Thanks for the mention!

    oh and make that 3 Geminis…May 22nd here! We’re such a clever bunch.

    With friendship,

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