black friday

We had a lovely thanksgiving with the in-laws (I’m so lucky to have a pair I love!) Ella played, we perused old photographs (including J’s gigantic afro from his high school graduation picture) and listened to the time capsule he and his sister made in 1977, but today ellabella has really finally caught the cold I’ve had for 2 weeks.  We did go to breakfast (she wasn’t interested) and then to return a book I found for 10 dollars chaper on amazon, then finally to REI, so we could replace the One Jacket  (black of course, like mine) J had stolen off him at LHR (one more reason to hate that airport).  We are not going Holiday Shopping today, however.  Besides the fact that I will be making most everyone’s gift that isn’t an electronic one (or luggage), we also don’t subscribe to the belief that the pain of shopping today is worth the few extra dollars saved.  Give us amazon prime any day over standing in line, or worse, fighting over something, in a store.  Our sanity is priceless.  I hope all of you who are shopping today get all of the best bargains and enjoy your time!  I’ll stay out of your way.

That said, we did make some purchases.  I bought the premiere issue of Make it Mine, and was so overwhelmed with ideas that I had to close the book for now.  Also, I am trying to brush up on my sewing techniques, so an issue of Sew Beautiful Magazine was in order.  No, I never have done (nor plan to do) any heirloom sewing, per se, but I love learning the techniques for other applications.  At REI we were a bit less restrained.  Ella needed a snowsuit, and my skills are not quite up to par for creating outerwear yet.  Besides, look how cute she’ll be once the snow falls!

Also, since I cannot knit, I allow myself to purchase knit items (smartwools for everyone!)
and I debated over which wool cap to purchase, when J stated the obvious: black goes with everything.  Black especially goes with me.

As much as this sounds like a list of excuses for purchasing things instead of making them, I am knocking out what I hope will be a fantastic brochure so that I have time to start on the sew, mama, sew month of handmade tutorials!  I’m so inspied, daily, that I plan to make at least one thing from each day, even if it is for myself.


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