baby is not a four-letter word

…even if she did say one…

 J says I need to confess.  Partially because he actually believes I need to confess, and partially because this happened over 2 weeks ago and he is still laughing about it.

We were in Amsterdam, in the beautiful apartment and I walked into the bedroom while Ella was playing too close to a night table.  I was surprised.  Frm the angle I saw it appeared she was going to fall and crack ehr head open.  J was on the bed and could see more clearly…nevertheless, as soon as I saw her I said “sh*t!”

 She looked at her dad, grinned, and said “sh*t”.

I looked at her dad, who was already laughing, and said “f#&k” I then gasped and we both held our breath…but Ella had moved on….

I wish J would.  I’ll never live it down!


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