finishing AMS

We went to the zoo while in Amsterdam,  ARTIS. it was pricey – almost $50 for the three of us. (well, two, bcause Ella was free) and not as thrilling as the Detroit Zoo (which I admit, we’ve not taken Ella to yet) but Ella loved it, and J and I loved showing her the animals.

She’s wearing her coat we purchased at the Waterlooplein market.  It bled green all over her face (from chewing on the collar like her brother) but still was (and is) cute on her.

AMS10_07 182

Fabric shopping was a complete bust.  We went to the Albert Cuyp street and searched the entire maret.  I went to the recommended fabric stores and found nothing I like better than what I find here or online.  I did see some nice looking solid knits, but there were some very rude people speaking English who WOULD NOT MOVE OUT OF MY WAY so that I could look at the rolls behind them.  I was very obvious about wanting to get to the fabrics and they (maybe 6 of them) were just standing there gabbing.  J was out in the street with Ella on his back, so I wasn’t going to wait there any longer.  We left and walked the long walk back to the apartment.  Of course it started raining!  4 miles in the rain back to the apartment meant a nice warm bath was in order for E and Me.

On our last day there, Ella figured out first that the refrigerator light turns off and on when the door closes and opens, and then she figured out HOW.  J and I sat, staring in amazement watching her do it.

AMS10_07 199

OFF (she’s pushing the switch with her finger!!)
AMS10_07 200

I wonder if the music we listened to while there sent her brain development into overdrive?  A little Plaid Rest Proof Clockwork, and a lot of Sufjan Stevens C’mon Feel the Illinoise.  (Aside – I had NO IDEA SS was from here in Detroit, and even had only heard of, but not sought out to listen to him until I heard him mentioned in the Snow Patrol song Eyes Open.  And I thought I knew music!

We took a taxi back to the airport and sat in a row alone with Ella on a packed plane.  She was wild all the way back.  We were exhausted!


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