de Eilanden

Today we had a goal – to check out a store called Keet in Huis on KNSM Island and eat at a supposedly fantastic restaurant.

 After walking many miles, past some extremely cool residential buildings we found the store.  I expected a lot more.  I hoped to buy toys for Ella.  Mostly bedding and some kiddie decorator items were inside.  We went to the restaurant which was full.  Mostly full of peope hanging out and not eating, but full enough that there were no tables for us.  We ended up at a not very fantastic restaurant where Ella pretended she wanted salad, spit it out, and pretended she wanted salad again.  J ate his Nth cheese sandwich this trip. 

 Ella demanded to be carried again, but this time fell asleep and was successfully ransferred back to the stroller for the remaining 2 miles of our return back to the apartment.

We spent the rest of the day lying around, flopping on the bed with Ella and trying to get her back to sleep so we could have a nap as well. She found some embroidery thread and was playing ith it very carefully for about 20 minutes. That was restful for the parents, an entertaining, too. At least there was a giant rip-off of Indian Food for dinner. (And Ella earnd her fist self-proclaimed fan club by chatting up the ladies at the next table the entire meal.)

Tomorrow we seek out the famous textile market on Westerstraat and head to H&Mfor striped tights and hopefully to the Artis Zoo!


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