checked out some fabric stores

“some” is probably inaccurate.  I looked for one based on a guidebook entry and found another that was FAR TOO EXPENSIVE, but beautiful.  We tried the stroller again, and Ella tolerated it for about 2 hours again, requiring a bit of carrying – this time by her father.

She also found a friend.  We went to a place for lunch and Ella made this boy fall in love with her:

His mother must have worked at the restaurant.  He spent the whole meal a our table, playing with Ella.  It was very sweet (and very helpful!)

After lunch, Ella wanted a shoulder ride from daddy, and J was more than happy to oblige:
Look, it's my stroller, empty

Her mittens ended up soaked from being chewed. Poor thing is actively teething again.

We walked around again, loooking for a bank, to no avail. We did find a grocery store with an atm, and the walk was lovely before dinner. We had bad thai and then stopped at the other grocery store for cookies. J was amused that the weather was listed as a high of 50 with a low of 48. He kept saying “wow, it feels almost exactly the same as the last time we were out here,” every time we exited a building!

Needed a lot of snuggles to get to sleep last night. Thankful once again for the Ergo Carrier.


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