world traveler no batteries necessary

we always forget one thing.  ALWAYS.  Well, this time it was my phone charger or anything that could be used to charge the phone.  2 days without one has been surprisingly peaceful.  Ella and I traveled alone to Amsterdam on Wednesday night.  Our flight left at 9:50 p.m.  We arrived on time to the airport.  I was carrying baby, stroller (packed in its handy-dandy checkable padded luggage case) diaper bag, and suitcase…all in all about 120 lbs extra.  Good thing I’m stronglikebull.

Getting to the airport “on time” stinks.  We had 2 hours to wander around.  I didn’t think I’d have time to read  book, but we went to all the bookstores anyway.  J reminded me (via SMS as he was already in Europe) to get at least 1 liter of water.  I was hoping Ella would fall asleep before we boarded, but then realized that was silly.  I wanted all her sleeping on the plane!  We decided to wait near the gate so she could get her wiggles out before we were in a cramped space.  She thought it was time to flirt with all the unsuspecting folk around us and practice her new improved climbing skills.  It was quite relaxing for me, because she truly is entertaining!departure airport flirting

 When it was time to board, the elite check-in attendant advised me to switch from my 2-seater configuration to a 4-seat row (for the 2 of us).  The flight was actually quite full as it turns out, so we were fortunate to get a whole row.  Ella’s cuteness works in our favor one more time!  The four-across row was perfect for us because we could both lie down (theoretically) during the flight.

When the meal came, the no-dairy veg meal I ordered for Ella was chenged when we changed our flight, but no worries, our favorite curry was an option for dinner.  She ate half and the crackers and 2 slices of apple (this is around 11 p.m., mind you!) and drank most of a glass of water.  I worry about her hydration on flights like this because she seems to refuse to nurse.  She was really calm – but happy and social – the entire time.  After dinner, I let her watch the Aristocats (which is actually a favorite of mine) with the headphones on. A special treat, because normally there’s no television for Ella, but since we were on a plane alone together, I thought I’d make a special exception. She watched about 20 minutes and then was sleepy.

Then, the unimaginable happened. I mean. maybe not unimaginable for most people, but certainly for this family. At around midnight, she fell asleep.
Sleeping (!) on the plane

She stayed asleep until breakfast. I was able to sleep (I know, I know, it almost doesn’t make sense!) as well.

When we arrived at AMS we were both awake and happy! Good thing, because getting to the apartment without a phone (dead battery by now) or map (dead battery on laptop as well!!) would prove to be challenging!

Ella and I took the train to Centraal Station.  I had unpacked the stroller at the airport and rlled up the case to strap it in the seat.  She was in a good mood, but I knew there was no way I would get out of carrying her to the apartment.  Once we arrived at Centraal Station we took a bit of time getting our bearings (read: mommy was lost) since I haven’t been here since before J and I were married.  We walked about 30 minutes.  It was 10 minutes to the apartment, so I finally whined at a hotel clerk along the way to please call me a taxi.  I never would have found this place without a map, so waing the white flag was a good idea at this point.

 Naturally, even giving up couldn’t be easy, asI saw a taxi and had the driver put my things in the trunk.  Next a mercedes pulled up behind the taxi and claimed I was HIS fare, and the hotel clerk came out looking to sort out the confusion.  *sigh* finally we moved my luggage and my dragging feet to the merc and drove 5 minutes (!) to the apartment.

It’s beautful here.  We rented from our favorite people in Europe and it is almost perfect. (A clothes dryer and a dishwasher would be absolutely perfect!)  Ella promptly began exploring once we made it to the space:
We love this beautiful apartment
exploring appliances

View from our apartment:
View from apartment

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