Traditions found, cameras lost

I lost my camera the day of Ella’s first birthday party, so no poorly focused shots from me.  However, my mother in law is ALWAYS prepared with camera and extra battery, so I have some shots to show.

She seems so much older now. On Friday we ordered some kitchari for lunch and visited Eastern Market.  It was spicy, but she only wanted the greens (spicy kale and brussels srpouts, she really did inherit my palate!)  We started a tradition on Friday night when we had both boys with us. We all took her to the bookstore and each of us chose a book for her. Then we spent the whole evening reading. It was wonderful. (and more variety than Goodnight, Gorilla 40 times a day, but I still love that book!) 

On Sunday, we decorated with sunflowers and her cake and cupcakes are sunflowers.   I found some lovely recipes (and have been practice baking for weeks) from a delightful book The Joy of Vegan Baking.  I asked my mother to give me cake decorating tools for my birthday last year and they sure came in handy (and the internet of course, because I just opened them on Saturday night and there were no instructions…thank you cake people)

Sunflower cake and cupcakes

Ella was quite aware that it was her birthday party! She played hard, but gently, with her friend Ethan (7 mos. old) and they shared lots of hugs. I hope Ethan’s dad has some pictures to share from his phone. Her favorite gifts were having everyone over and paying attention to her, and a silver comb and brush set engraved with her name, her kitty pajamas, and her push-toy lion.

When it came time for cake, she wouldn’t eat it until we gave her a fork. Ella has a lot of opinions. They aren’t always the same as mine. I had better get used to this!
She wouldn't eat until we gave her a fork!


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