She’s ONE!

Ella’s Birthday PresentOriginally uploaded by Pranamama.

Ella’s Birthday Present – I’m looking forward to a lot of tea parties at this table in the years to come!

The little stinker is having a huge developmental growth spurt. She kicked my butt last night and I feel far older than my 35 years!!She was awake practicing reading in her room, pointing at the fairies all over her room, and examining the picture that used to be next to my bed as a baby.  School Time by Molly Brett.  My mom tried to sell this print in a garage sale a few years ago.  I am SO happy no one bought it!  Ella loves it nearly as much as I did. 

After 3 hours of that, we spent the final hour cleaning the refrigerator out before she finally konked out.

Since she’s too young for balloons, we (Peter, really) picked out some flowers for her.  She keeps saying “BOWBER” or “FOWBER” and pointing to them.  She’s having pumpkin muffins for breakfast, and since she was AWAKE from 12:30-4 a.m. (and so was I) she’s having a birthday nap right now.

She likes her table and chairs. ellaplaying birthday 2007 011

Peter loves his little sister:
Peter is showing his little sister her birthday present

After big brother went to school:

ellaplaying birthday 2007 014

Yesterday we had formal portraits taken.  I was up until 3 making an outfit for her. We had one dress from my mother, and J also wanted something that showed off her chubby little arms and legs, while she still has them.  I made a set with bloomers and a gathered neckline and sleeves inspired by a shirt from ottobre, and a dress from my japanese sewing book, but using patterns from neither (except for the tried and true bloomers pattern).  We were very pleased.  I used a nani iro fuwari double gauze from the fantastic chloefabrics co-op at yahoo groups for the little set and it was perfect! 
fuwari fuwari double gauze 2b

I’m not sure what we’ll do tonight, but I think we’ll have a walk into town later today. 

 I cannot overstate how much this little sprite has changed me and our family.  She’s amazing and humorous and serious and joyful, fun and curious, aggravating and awe-inspiring.  J says we have yet another “brilliant and annoying” child.

 We wouldn’t have her any other way

I love ellabella.


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