Finally made the echino scene shirt for Peter

echinoshirt back view
Originally uploaded by Pranamama.It still needs buttons, but the shirt is made and Peter is thrilled. He wore it yesterday for pictures. I love the way the dragonflies are on his shoulders, one in front, one in back.He chose the fabric in Seattle while we were there on vacation this July.

I love this shirt, and will most definitely make it again, the shaping details are wonderful. Look at these sleeve darts!
echinoshirt sleeve

The selvedge was such a beautiful contrast that I used it for the sleeve facing. Like a delicious secret. Also, the selvedge was soft and fuzzy so I left it rather than folding under the seam allowance at Peter’s request.

echinoshirt selvedge facing

Peter commented that his stepbrothers at both houses are babyhogs, so he loves to be able to spend time alone with Ella without competing for attention.
Peter and Ella
And if my mom is reading this: he’s wearing my watch because he came home devastated that his ended up in a lake while swimming at camp. I think the days of velcro bands are over, since he cannot stop opening and closing them so they become weak.

It was a rough day, because Ella decided she only needed to sleep for the 2 hours I spent making this shirt.  I suppose it was a karmic joke, since I was begging her in my thoughts to please sleep so I could finish the shirt, and I didn’t care what happened after that.  I feel a little like Faust for tempting fate so blithely.

Ella was happy for about 2 minutes the entire day after having only 5 hours of sleep at night (10:30-12:30, then 4-7am, but more than I had!) I did manage to catch those 2 minutes on camera:
nano iro peony on the sofa

my cupcake eating cheerios
She’s wearing her little cupcake onesie I made…loved the cheerios, too, but spit a mouthful of carrot ginger juice all over it and me after INSISTING on having some (and using the straw to drink it!

We had some calms forte dissolved in som tea last night (+2 extra for me) and slept like, well, babies. Today we’re having a wonderful adventure.


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