she’s not even one and already choosing her own clothes

I knew she had opinions.  I mean, how could she be my child and not be willing to express her opinions?  I never expected her to actually choose her own clothing before she could talk, however, and I’m a bit taken aback by the whole experience.

 Last week my mother brought over an adorable outfit for Ella to possibly wear for her first birthday photographs.  I’m not sure if she couldn’t resist this pinafore and baby blouse or if she thought I wouldn’t get something made in time, but I love and appreciate the gift no matter the reason.  I love the dress so much, in fact, that I hung it in the doorway to Ella’s room.

It had been there for days before Ella noticed it, and we walk throught the doorway at least 6 times a day, just to change diapers.  Today was different.  She had recently said “fleur” in the kitchen, pointing at some sunflowers, and when we walked into her room, she pointed at the dress.  I thought she was interested in expressing more about flowers (of the embroidered variety) when she stopped us at the doorway, pointing and babbling to the dress. I took her in, to change her, and she continued pointing to the dress throughout her (typically squirmy) change.  I asked her if she wanted to wear the dress, and she responded by shaking her head yes, and flapping her arms and legs and laughing.

 I took down the hanger and pulled the pinafore off.  I buttoned it up over the romper she was wearing ad she seemed very pleased with herself.  She walked around her room, holding the bed, talking to toys and various fairies when all at once, she noticed the blouse and stopped.  She turned to me, the bolted toward the blouse and, pulling it off the bed, plopped down on the floor.   I couldn’t believe that she was attempting to pull it over her head.  I took it from her gently, showing her the ribbons on the sleeves, assuming that was what held her interest, but she pulled it back and wrapped it around her head like a babushka!  She waited patiently (so rare!) while I undressed her and then put the blouse and pinafore on her.
Look how happy it made her
So happy to have chosen her own outfit!

Back view, because she took off so I couldn’t change her again, I suppose:
picky_pinafore 004

I am going to have a lot of fun with this kid!


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  1. cute dress! my boys were never shy about expressing their opinions, even about clothes. we the cutest pair of denim overalls…that they both vehemently refused to wear at around 6 months. i tried to put the overalls on each one of them. they both screamed and tugged and kicked until i stopped. when i pulled out another outfit, they happily complied with getting dressed. i tried the overalls a few more times with the same result. neither one of them would wear denim until they were well into elementary school. they still have strong opinions not only on their clothes, but on mine too. 🙂 fortunately, they have pretty good taste.

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