new hair day

I’ve been growing my hair “long” for close to five years.  I keep thinking I’d like it better “…if only it were a little longer,” but I never do.  I was so sure I was ready to make a change today, that I took a before picture:

Fortunately, Ella recognized me when I came home (though she looked at me with a wrinkled brow until I nursed her and she was SURE I was “mama”), but I feel like a whole new person. Maybe a little punk rock, even.

the back, showing the many colors of red:

If only it took one day to lose the next 30 lbs I could feel like I had a total body makeover! Oh well, I know that part takes work, so I’ll continue tomorrow…off to finish my print work now. The deadlines interrupted by our weekend illness still need to be met.


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  1. I *LOVE* your hair! It’s just edgy enough. I’d like to have a cut like that but my hair will not stay straight. It’s not nicely curly either…just frizzy and wavy. so even if I blow dry it straight, it goes “boing” by the end of the day!

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