How is she already 11 months old??

I thought working part-time from home would mean I got to savor every moment and the time would linger like the tannins in a big cabernet, but savoring these moments is more like savoring each bite of a cheerio! She is growing up so fast – standing by herself, clapping when she’s happy – laughing a miniature version of my huge laugh,  climbing onto the hearth and gracefully climbing down (feet first), expressing her opinions very clearly…I spend all day, every day, chasing after her…and her infancy is long gone already.

Ella is already “reading” books, saying “yes” and what sounds like “okay.”  She understands “no” but willfully disobeys with a mischevious grin.  She’s constantly in motion – the wheels are turning ALL. THE. TIME.

Some days she wants to be carried all day long, and others she’s content to unpack everything in the house all by herself.  Sometimes I think she thinks she’s two already, with such an attitude.

Why is this happening so fast?  My pregnancy was so slow, but lifewithellabella is nonstop.


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