vegan cuisine and rushmore

today I had such plans.  Ella had different plans.  J and I never made it to our hike, but we did go to dinner (early-bird sr. citizen style at 5:30 p.m. once again).  We took Ella to Royal Oak and had dinner at Inn Season Cafe.  I have to say, I haven’t been in a while and it was absolutely delicious.  J had a courgette casserole, which is funny, because he told the boys that if his mother were a Pokemon, her attacks would have been “grounding” and “casserole.”  I had an appetizer portion of japanese sesame eggplant.  Ella ate some of my summer vegetable chowder, a slice of homemade bread, and almost all my shortgrain brown rice.  I’ll need to get the pressure cooker out again, because three days in a row she has been the #1 whole grain fan. Most notable about dinner was Ella’s obvious flirting with ALL the staff and clientele.  She is such a social extrovert, despite her customary 30 seconds of shyness upon meeting new friends.

We walked around town for a while after dinner.  I haven’t really been in Royal Oak that often since high school, when I moved from there.  The parking garage where I hit another car during my driver’s ed field test is gone and a shiny new set of condo lofts has replaced it.  When we retunred home, and bounced Ella to sleep, we ate the “grandma’s vegan chocolate cake” that I ordered to go with coffee.  J was so impressed, that we sat and read some vegan cookbooks to try to decide what desserts to try and bake tomorrow.  I cannot believe my husband wants to bake with me!  He wants a side-by-side taste test of chocolate chip cookies (vegan and traditional), and we need to try out some recipies for Ella’s upcoming first birthday cake!

I have recorded Rushmore sitting on the ReplayTV for weeks now, so J and I watched it while I traced some patterns to make school clothes for Peter (including the long-awaited peter-planned echino raglan shirt) I think it is probably one of the most wonderful movies I’ve ever seen.  Granted, we saw the network tv censored version, but it was a great story nonetheless.  Every time I see a Bill Murray role, I’m tempted to watch everything he’s ever made.  I loved Lost in Translation, and the movie Broken Flowers was almost as good as the soundtrack it rode in on.  I still think about some of the scenes in that movie and want to watch it again and again…

I must sleep while the baby sleeps, as we have plans to attend Arts, Beats, and Eats with our friend and his baby son tomorrow.


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