dragonfruit, daily craft, popcorn, and wrestling

Have you ever tried dragonfruit?  Peter asked me if I could please do grocery shopping while he’s at his dad’s, but when we arrived in the produce section, he said “now this is why I love grocery shopping with you, mom…”
Those are lychees in front and a dragonfruit in the mix. I know a cookie isn’t fruit. I didn’t put that there!

I love the outer-spacey look the dragonfruit. Peter has long claimed that dragonfruit is one of his favorites, but he only actually “knew” it from trident (kids with sensory integration dysfunction often do better when gum chewing, so he’s tried every flavor!) and vitamin water. It almost appears to be from a vintage star trek episode (like brussels sprouts on the vine do.) and I love the colors:

After opening the outer skin, the inside is also surprising:

Peter, brave as always when it comes to new foods dove right in. It tastes like a really mild melon favor, with a fun texture. If you see one at your local market, you should try it. They are worth the $1.99 for the novelty alone!

mmmm new fruit adventure

After the foreign fruit fun, I was thinking about my commitment to doing a bit of sewing every day.  I wish I could say that I’ve lived up to that goal, but I haven’t.  I do try to at least partiticpate in something crafty each day, at least.  Today was a bit of a stretch in that department.  After taking Peter to his dad’s for the long weekend, and stopping at my favorite Lebanese restaurant ever (disclaimer: have never been to Lebanon so what do I know?), J and I brought Ella back here to play, and so J could work, and my craft-time was replaced with play-time.  Ella and I did listen to a podcast interview from craftypod.com about the founders of BurdaStyle and open source sewing, which was quite interesting.  I think I might need to do more of that, since Ella isn’t really a big fan of my sewing room yet (toy area and new decorating/org should fix that).  My mother recenty donated her overlong-kept stash of embroidery floss and even gave me a storage container.  Little did she know, I’d spend the week talking about colors with Ella while doing this:
organized, thanks to mommy
I regret to admit, I didn’t keep every single thread. I only kept and wound the colors with lengths longer than 12″ and containing more than one strand (my mom saved EVERYTHING from her embroidery projects). I’m still not done organizing her stash, nor adding mine, but already I started on my new kitchen towels inspired by one of my new favorite craft blogs the purl bee. More to come on those later.

So, to change the subject rather abruptly, if you haven’t read yet, butter flavor additives of a certain chemical compound are proving to be toxic in some microwave popcorn brands. Fortunately, the boy scout fundraiser brand has been reformulated, so my yearly investment in Max and Cas’ troop fundraiser can continue.  This is good news, because we are a serious popcorn house.  J thinks we should go back to making it the old fashioned way, which takes me back to mom’s bungalow on Carter Ave, in Allen Park, Michigan.  I loved Saturday nights with my sister and Mom as a kid.  It always meant popcorn cooked in a big pot on the stove, then seasoned with Lawry’s Season Salt and consumed in front of the Love Boat and Fantasy Island.  (I say always, but there was that brief foray into “hot buttered cheerios” territory.  Perfect snack for a couple of fat kids!) Sara and I would always cover our eyes for the kissing scenes on the Love Boat, but I peeked through my fingers.  After the Love Boat, Sara the morning person would go to bed, but I stayed up (without permission, of course) while my mom showered so I could catch Fantasy Island. The more I think about it, the more I realize that Fantasy Island was really Scooby Doo for grownups!

Ella is trying desperately to walk and talk, but one skill she has perfected is brother wrestling. She can take either one of them in one pounce.
ella has peter pinned

…then she gloats.

As I look at their cute faces in their store bought clothing, I realize I should be sewing!


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