what a great tool.  This way, I can help my sister learn to sew.  (She’s moving to Memphis next week, which is still too far away, but she and her family will be happy there.  I’m so happy for them.)

I need to spend some more time browsing other instructable tutorials, but so far, the tool is easy to use, and I love the way the finished instructions look.

I made an instructable myself, today, in response to a question about slash pockets on my ottobre_english sewing list.  Cannot believe Ella allowed me time in the sewing room, but she had her own motives:

(notice that everything is off the floor, including the garbage can) She will soon be tall enough that I’ll have to finally organize my sewing room with shelves (up high). I figure I have 2-3 months as it is now.

I found my grandmother’s button stash. I have had it for years, but never thought to look for anything in the bag where it was hiding. I dumped them in this bucket until I can sort them. No way Ella can reach these.

Some of them are just BEGGING to be used on an “artsy clutch” from Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules Sewing (and some are begging to be thrown out. Really, when will I need blue plastic buttons? ummmm, as soon as I throw them out, of course!)

I received a load of babysoft babywalecord today (amongst other treats). I love to return home to find a friendly, large box sitting on my porch. I even love prewashing! (and touching my fabric, and wrapping the baby in it, and playing peekaboo stright from the dryer, and leafing through ottobre backissues to decide what to make.) I definitely need more time with my machine.

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