useless as a lullabye, but i sing nonetheless

…the dancing continues…today Ella danced to the neighbor’s lawnmower, and to twinkle, twinkle, little star.  Even the version I hum around in the baroque style.

I write this not because it’s anything special to share, but because I want to remember how wonderful and precious my little pixie is right now.  So “here’s what I did today:”There was a very severe thunderstorm today, complete with weather sirens and black skies.  I called my mother to find out if the weather siren alway means tornado – get in the basement and hide or what? (she says it means “severe weather, period.  whew.”) J is out of town and Peter is with his Dad and new baby brother (sibling #6 for my formerly only child…from only to middle of 7 in 3.5 years) and J+J are back at their mother’s, so Ella and I were alone tonight.  J feels like he’s “dumping her on me” sometimes, but I don’t feel that way, ever.

We went to Trader Joe’s to get tofu and our new favorite Kashi Crackers.  (I always feel better having shopped there…everyone is so NICE!) and made it home right before the storm.  Ella and I had the last of leftover quinoa/rice/french lentil timbales along with garlicky kale and tahini sauce (and she had an extra serving of cheerios, too) before the massive storm hit.  I unplugged the electronics and we sat on the exercise ball and bounced to the raindrops. 

I sang her “Ellabella Song” to the tune of Mantra Girl’s Wahe Guru.  As she dozed off I moved her to the bed, and in typical Ella fashion woke with a smile, asking for milk.  I nursed her a bit and hummed, then sang twinkle, twinkle, little star.  She bolted upright, laughing, and started dancing.  She even clapped and worked on standing on the bed.  I think her little brain is making so many leaps and bounds in development, she can barely sit still for all the excitement.   Standing on the bed, clapping, and laughing, I told her “i love you,” to which she sat, gracefully, gave me a slobbery kiss, and lay her head down to nurse back to sleep.

As Keegan-Michael Key said in a MADtv sketch, sometimes I think she’s made of “magic and sugar cubes.”

I need to be writing about the benefits of customer connections and vehicle maintenance services, so I’ll leave you for now.


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