found ella kickin’ it old skool yesterday

she found J’s reading iPAQ and opened mediaplayer by herself.  When the twinkly opening of Peter Piper (Run DMC) stared, she held the phone up with both hands and started dancing!  How’s that for 10 months old?

Every time I notice something funny about her, she does something even funnier.  Earlier this week I noticed that the first 5 seconds of ANY song warrants a mini-dance from her…even if it’s her brother Jack humming.  The baby finds music in every sound, it seems.  She hums along with the juicer and dishwasher, dances to a dropped coffee bean can, and bangs her head (not literally) to any guitar solo.

Naming her after Ella Fitzgerald was prophetic, I suppose.  I just picked up a CD called “We All Love Ella” – a tribute to the First Lady of Song.  My favorite track is Queen Latifah singing “Lady is a Tramp.”  I’ve been meaning to get framed a picture of Ella and Louis (Armstrong) for little e’s room…I simply must now that she’s a musician.

Dancing while playing piano....again!
She plays a mini concert at least once a day.  Thanks to Dad and Mary for the piano.


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