we have teeth…and pictures!

Ella’s tiny bottom front pearly whites finally burst forth from their gummy restraints on the same day!  Now her top teeth and bottom eye teeth are threatening to join them.  I had dreams that I’d wake up one morning and she’d simply have a mouthful of teeth.  Fortunately they are appearing two by two and not all at once.

Since my sister’s in town and the last family picture we had taken was when *I* was in 8th grade, it was time.  My mother said she knew it would be like herding cats, so not to expect much.

I spilled spinach  (methi malayee mattar, actually) on the neckline of the white shirt I purchased expressly for this event, then managed to set the stain with the dryer, so I had to go rummaging in J’s closet.  Also should have washed my hair yesterday, but this wasn’t about “me”…so that’s all I’m going to say.

 Sophia is my neice who is 2 months younger than Ella.  She’s a tough little monkey.  She comandeered Ella’s toys when she was here, and grabbed little (big) e’s dress during the photo shoot today.   Don’t get me wrong, though, she is sweet, very sweet, and I love her.  Peter even participated nicely, which says a lot for a 9 year old boy, in my opinion.

Here are the girlies:


I love how Ella is breaking free in this one:

Peter and the Girls

Mom and her grandkids:

There are more in my flickr stream to the left.  I love having the girls together.  It’s so interesting to see their personalities unfold, and to witness their interactions. (I wish Sara and Matt and Sophia lived closer.  They are moving from Atlanta to Memphis, but that’s the same distance and more expensive plane fare…oh well, there’s always Elvis.)

Afterward  I took Peter and Ella for a walk in the neighborhood.  It’s about a mile each way to the nearest ice cream store.  Peter rode his scooter and Ella had a ride in the stroller.  She’s unpredictable, but she was great tonight.  She loves when she can see Peter in front of us.  I think she has also finally discovered a way to get really comfortable (leg up and lean to the left) so she can concentrate on the view.

 Peter said he thinks I can get back to what I looked like before Ella by the time she’s one.  (I did *not* have an ice cream) We agreed to have nightly walks to help me get there… I love having walks with my kids.  It’s a time when Peter and I get to talk without Ella butting in, but she’s still with us, relaxed and present.  I’m a very lucky mom.


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