burn, baby burn…it’s healing

I’ve been working my life away since we’ve returned from Seattle.  Peter is at camp and Ella is back on a nice nap schedule.

 I still cannot wear my rings, but the hand is healing.  Yesterday I had to run down to the sewing machine to assemble a hat for my mother to give as a gift, and it felt SO GOOD to be back at my table.  As soon as this project is done and the family reunion is over, J has agreed that I can leave the baby with him while I disappear and sew for a few hours.  Julia also has a half-finished skirt and I’d love to help her finish it.

I want to participate in the BurdaStyle.com  sewalong.  I love the pattern for the “Susan” blouse and I have it printed and ready to trace and cut.  All I’m missing is some appropriate fabric.  As if the pattern isn’t already challenging enough, I have to scale up some of the areas to fit my post-baby still nursing body.  I think I can do it.

I’m having trouble finishing my project because I really, really want to get downstairs and make soemthing with fabric instead of electrons.  *sigh*


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