Vicodin and PUDDING!

Actually percoset and chocolate, but I cannot stop referring to Simeon Dyson, the overly- silly announcer on the MADtv spoof game show.  On our way to (finally) have a lovely hike before we return to flatland, Michigan, we drove out to Sultan, WA, and were stopping at one of the roadside drive-through espresso places to caffeine-up on our way.  I put my cup into the cupholder, but since the lid was’t secured, the whole thing spilled and was so freaking hot I actually screamed obscenities in front of my kids.  I felt searing, throbbing pain and pulled off my wedding bands to discover that the chai I ordered had actually melted my skin. Thank goodness I thought to take off my rings. J stopped at a local quick-mart type place (no drugstores in Sultan) to find some ice and advil.  The pain was not going away.  I was determined to go hiking, even if it meant holding onto a handful of icecubes.  Peter kept asking if I was okay, Ella was screaming because I scared her with my screams, as I climbed in back (in shock, I think) with a handful of melting ice, so I could nurse her while she sat in her carseat.  J did some internet research, using his phone as a modem and discovered that we should not only not use the burn cream we bought, but also that I needed to go to the hospital.  We drove to Redmond because in my reasearch early last week to find a dr. in case Peter’s poison ivy became more severe, I found an urgent care where our insurance was accepted and was open on Saturday. 

 Second degree burns.  I got a prescription for some silver sulfadiazine, percoset, and a tetanus shot.  We were notgoing to also miss out on our favorite restaurant in Seattle, so after a couple pills and a baby nap, we went to Wild Ginger.  I cannot believe we’re leaving tomorrow.

 I’m not the only girl in pain.  Ellabella has her first couple teeth breaking through so we have her comfortably medicated  as well.

Tomorrow’s plans include a trip to the Fremont Market and some souvenir shopping.  We leave on the redeye.  I’m not ready to leave.



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2 responses to “Vicodin and PUDDING!

  1. Oh no! Sounds very painful!

  2. kh

    Oh, I’m so sorry you hurt yourself. Burns are really horrible.

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