I wish I had had my video camera at dinner.  Ella had some thai veggie rolls, and ice chips (of course) but when the dessert menu came, I picked up one of them and she, in her high chair, picked up the other.  I pointed at something (to myself) and must have said “mmmm” aloud, because I heard “mmmm”and a laugh from the high chair.  I looked up to see Ella completely copying me.  Menu open, pointing at the page, saying “mmmm,” and then giving a laugh and a bounce.  When she noticed me watching, she giggled, and then continued.

 It was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen her do.

 In other news, we walked to the gabric store today (again).  We went yesterday too, but were a bit rushed beause we had to get back for our 4 o’clock appointment at the Seattle Underground Tour.  So, today, we hiked the mile straight up the “First Hill” to Stitches which is the loveliest little fabric store I’ve ever seen!  Peter picked out some echino fabric for a shirt and it’s so beautiful I can’t stop looking at it.  He chose this one:

We also picked up some supplies for a top secret project. I’ll share it when Peter and I are done!

Then we went to the REI flagship, and J got me some very nice pants. I guess it’s time to stop dressing in stretchy (stretched out) dumpy clothes and start dressing like a stylish person again. I guess he wants his wife back, instead of the post-partum blob my “wardrobe” seems to convey. (I think he also may be tired of waiting for me to be done with the kids’ clothing so that I’ll make somethng for myself?) I have to say, I feel like a new person in my hemp/recycled plastic blend trousers!

We stopped at a comic book store on the way back…also some more clothing stores (but alas, I could find no shirt to go with the pants) and then back here to the condo. 4 hours of walking. Our dogs are barking! (and tomorrow we hike!)


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