drat, foiled again (and recovery)

we went on a wild house chase today…hoping for a charming beach house, we happened upon a kind of dumpy, dirty and very smelly house in which I’d never be able to keep my husband for an entire weekend.  I called to get a refund, then spent the next 3 (!) hours lost in Seattle.  I missed my exit to get back to Kirkland and then mistakenly thought I knew where I was going, and took off for parts unknown.  I recognized the names of some neighborhoods from Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas, but really had no idea where I was driving.  I need to sit down with a paper map and study the city.  Mappoint just doesn’t give the full effect.  I think my photographic memory only works in hardcopy.

 Midway through our “adventurous” inadvertant tour of Greenlake, Walingford, and Ballard, we pulled into a parking lot to make a phone call, when lo and behold: we were at Taco Time. It was indeed taco time, so we ordered lunch and Peter fed Ella bits of bean burrito while I asked the cashier for directions.  We were “home” in a  matter of minutes.

Baths for everyone (a calming ritual, not necessary from a hygiene standpoint, as we sat in the truck all day) and then when J appeared, we made alternate plans.  Unfortunately, checking back into the Woodmark means that we are victims of a loud wedding reception below our balcony.  The sky was stingy tonight as well.  No sunset for the Reeds.

 Dinner was a treat however.  We went to Chutney’s in Bellvue and were blown away by the okra and potatoes and garbanzo bean dishes.  Service was outstanding, and Ella was flirting with the person we presume was the owner from the moment we walked in.

 She’s like a Sunshine Filter.  Those who pass through her radiant personality must smile.  I’m so lucky she’s mine.

But where will we stay for the weekend? …as we left for dinner, the Freestone Inn called with a  cancellation.  We have wanted to stay there since we discovered it, but the weekend was booked when we planned this trip.  We even thought about getting married there, when we were making grand plans.  So tomorrow we are driving to Mazama in the Methow Valley to play in the wilderness with our kids.

 I’m not looking forward to the ride with the screaming vehicle baby (sunshine is eclipsed by her hatred of restraints) but I am looking forward to actually arriving and staying for a couple of days.

 Too bad I don’t have any crafty fabric lying around.  Maybe I’ll buy some onesies to decorate?


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